“You have super powers within you that are dormant and need be awakened. Learn how to put to use your own natural intuition, relying upon unconditional love to do the actual “work.” So simple it is perfect."

Anastasia Borta, founder of Theta Elates

The Angels said that when someone is given spiritual Knowledge, they must share it. They said it was a Law of Creation.” Drunvalo Melchizedek

I was given some very cool stuff! And I must share it! This “cool stuff” is called Theta Healing. I was yearning for this knowledge before I learned it, and when I did, my life has changed! The whole world has changed for me! Everything has started to make sense, I wasn’t feeling lost anymore and I found the meaning in life but most importantly I found Myself! The whole world at the moment is changing and transforming at a very fast rate.

There’s a lot of confusion and chaos around. People are searching for who they are, why they are here and what they are meant to do in life. Well, as we know, nothing is accidental. The fact that you are here on this page reading this, means that you are looking for the answers that I was looking for, years ago. And I welcome you on your own path of self discovery, of healing, transformation and conscious creation!

Your Journey is about to begin! Are you ready? Let’s start!

The ThetaHealing® technique is best described as an attainable miracle for your life. Let's start your healing now and bring you closer to your ideal self.

Introductory Workshops about what Theta Healing is, how it works and how it can help you. It includes Theta Healing Meditation Technique, exercises, demonstrations, healings and group healings. I will guide you into a Theta Brain wave state and the most powerful manifesting meditation.

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These are designed to heal you on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. You will be held in a loving, safe space where your body will be “scanned” to find where you are “stuck” and what beliefs are holding you there and then change them. The result- clarity, lightness, a healed, new you.

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Certified Courses
We teach you how to heal yourselves and others. The courses are certifying you to become a Theta Healing Practitioner. They are designed at THINK by Vianna Stibal-the founder of Theta Healing. Welcome to days that are full of healings, transformations, deep knowledge, fun and 75% practice.

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In ThetaHealing® sessions you can improve every aspect of your life. Schedule a 20 minute taster session at anastasia@thetaelates.com.